About Us

Sarah International Factory For Air Conditioning Duct is pleased to offer a new concept to establish quality and proficiency in the field of electromechanical contracting for clients and cushion in all its activities.

Our View:

Sarah International Factory For Air Conditioning Duct Is a new factory promising in the field of manufacturing the air Condition ducts of square and circular Shapes, as well as all of the components, Accessories & insulation materials used for various projects.

From day-one the company undertook to provide a set of administrators of highly qualified and trained to Administrative systems as well as marketing and sales team to meet customer needs.

The company provided all the necessary capabilities of modern technology, machinery and equipment and focused on choosing the best among the Engineering and technical staff as well as training to the highest level, so as to ensure the provision of services in accordance with international standards in this field, such as: (SMACNA -ASHREA).

To consolidate the overall quality of the principle of the company we provide the requirements of the International Standard for Quality Management (ISO 9001/2008) for monitoring and analysis to improve the performance of all processes and procedures.